Longevity Health System - an Innovative Precision Medicine System

The current healthcare system is a decentralized and fragmented system in which patients receive treatment across different sectors, including public and private, as well as various care models. The primary care physician lacks knowledge of the patient's overall health status and is unable to implement a value-based healthcare plan centered around wellness. Importantly, polypharmacy, the concurrent use of multiple medications prescribed by multiple doctors, can lead to harmful and even dangerous effects on the patient. Additionally, duplicate laboratory tests and lost health benefits further exacerbate the challenges.

Improving health status and increasing healthy lifespan is the goal of preventive and personalized medicine, often referred to as the new generation of medicine, in which the patient plays a central and primary role. The model of value-based coordinated healthcare generates the most benefits in terms of population and public health, as evidenced in the literature, and therefore should be at the forefront of public interest and support. The above project is an innovative solution on a national scale.

As part of the Longevity Health System project, the first clinic in Poland has been launched - Longevity Center in Cracow.

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