Our mission is to leverage the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to improve the quality of healthcare and enhance the accessibility of healthcare services.

Our expertise lies in creating innovative software systems that transform the way healthcare is delivered and managed. Our competency spans a wide range of technologies, including data analytics software, healthcare management systems, patient monitoring tools, and mobile applications for healthcare.

One of our key products is the Amigoo Digital Platform. It is an integrated healthcare management system that leverages AI for personalized care and improved coordination among various healthcare providers. Amigoo integrates the AI Patient Account, where test results and symptoms are stored, with the Coordinated Medical Care service, encompassing diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Another innovative product of ours is CitoTest, an intelligent system for analyzing laboratory test results and selecting therapies. By utilizing AI algorithms, CitoTest enables physicians and medical staff to make optimal test selections that are relevant to patients' symptoms and health issues.

At the Institute of Innovative Medicine, we are committed to developing software that transforms healthcare, improving its quality and accessibility. We continue to work on new innovative solutions to meet the challenges facing healthcare in the 21st century. We welcome collaboration in our pursuit of creating a better healthcare system.

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