The Institute is the author of the e-health and digital transformation strategy in Poland, with special emphasis on enabling the development of Next-Generation Digital Healthcare Centers. The elements of the strategy include:

    • The development of clinical decision support systems that expedite the diagnostic process and enhance diagnostic accuracy at early stages of disease development, particularly in cancer-related conditions,

    • Personalized case analysis based on accumulated and standardized medical data obtained from automated medical data acquisition systems, datasets acquired by the National Health Fund (NFZ), and mobile applications

    • The development of tools supporting remote monitoring of a wide range of vital functions, as well as data acquisition and diagnostics

    • Preparation of procedures for supporting remote assessment of health status and recommending preventive actions, including the identification of high-risk patients requiring prompt medical interventions

    • The development of reference technological solutions that support preventive actions and facilitate access to affordable, durable, and high-quality healthcare services

    • The preparation of a set of best practices regarding legal, organizational, and technological solutions that will facilitate the provision of modern and comprehensive healthcare to previously excluded (partially or completely) social groups

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