Center for Innovative Oncology Therapies

Centrum Innowacyjnych Terapii Onkologicznych prowadzi działalność w strukturach Medical Center IMIcare in Cracow.

Our goal is to support coordinated and integrated oncology care through the use of AI algorithms and to develop innovative treatments for rare and genetic diseases by employing advanced diagnostic tests and intelligent IT systems using artificial intelligence. Additionally, we aim to improve access to innovative therapies.

By improving access to laboratory research and innovative diagnostic tests in the field of clinical genomics and metabolomics, we facilitate early detection and personalized treatment selection for cancer, rare diseases, metabolic disorders, and genetic diseases. The availability of both tests and therapies in Poland and Central-Eastern European countries remains limited. Therefore, our efforts encompass the following:

  • Implementing molecular diagnostics methods in the detection of cancer, rare diseases, and genetic disorders.

  • Personalized therapy selection and monitoring treatment efficacy through clinical trials.

  • Genetic predisposition testing for cancer, rare diseases, and genetic disorders.

  • Performing screening tests for cancer and rare diseases in asymptomatic individuals.

  • Detecting, monitoring, and treating coexisting conditions in cancer patients and those with rare diseases.

  • Developing the Intelligent Support System CitoTest, which assists in the selection and generation of referrals for diagnostic tests and their interpretation using AI.

  • Thanks to our algorithms and software, patients, physicians, and medical staff receive an optimal list of tests tailored to their symptoms and selected health issues.

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